To develop a truly unique live streaming platform for our users, we need unique people. Join a fantastic global culture, fostering growth and ideas to make you a driving force in changing the creator economy.

📱 iOS Developer

Full Time
Kraków, Poland
Experienced Professional
February 14, 2022
16,000 — 22,000 PLN/Month
Remote (hybrid)
  • 4+ years experience as an iOS mobile developer, working in Swift
  • Experience with cloud back-end integrations (APIs, databases, etc.)
  • Proactivity and self-reliance
  • Good written and verbal English. Strong ability to communicate with a globally distributed team
  • Experience building a video live streaming application
  • Familiarity with AVFoundation, and/or DSP more broadly
  • Direct experience with CoreML, or general familiarity with machine learning
  • Some knowledge of C++ or Rust
  • Experience leading a small team of iOS developers
  • A passion for music, and the interaction of technology and entertainment
  • Quick standup with a small team made of iOS devs, back-end devs, and designers - we are aligned on the day’s plan and make sure we have what we need from each other to get the job done! :handshake:
  • Once every week or two, we review a new feature proposal from the product team, give technical feedback and plan the implementation to be on the same page about the scope for delivering the feature :tada:
  • Your day will mostly be spent working on the tasks we discussed on standup, making PRs when they’re ready and carefully tested by you :muscle::skin-tone-4:
  • Let's not forget to review our iOS colleagues’ PRs too and provide feedback! Every feature or fix gets approval from a teammate before it’s merged :white_check_mark:
  • We have a few small teams whose work all interact with yours to make the product work - expect to have a coffee break chat with an audio dev or machine learning engineer about how their latest library or model update interfaces with iOS :coffee:
  • At the end of the day, if some new work has been merged in, we send a new test build to the company. Our QA team will review it before the next morning’s standup, so we’ll start the day knowing which bugs are hiding and what tasks to prioritize :sunglasses:

We work in an environment where technology and consumer demands change constantly. While this is challenging, it is also the gateway to growth and innovation. 

Building an innovative product demands a lot of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. You’ll grow your problem-solving and technical skills in directions you might not have expected. At Humtap, you’ll face the challenge of having to quickly adapt to the latest technologies, where necessary to take the product forwards. This works hand in hand with self-development, as you’ll face tests that require improving your judgment, coachability, and decision-making skills.

An aspiration to be the best you can be, while also being a great team player, is a key ingredient to thriving at Humtap.


As a team member, you are not just completing tasks. You are here to grow, share ideas, and advance your career. Humtap gives you the opportunity to: 

  • Specialize in the latest technologies - we actively coach in Rust and Web3 development
  • Learning how the worlds of entertainment, art, and blockchain technology can connect
  • Be rewarded for ownership, initiative, attitude
  • Mentoring
  • Non-linear career paths - you decide what, where, and when
We want to hear from you!

Humtap is a team of independent self-starters, ready to introduce the Humtap Live app globally.

We need creative and driven people who transform their visions into the best possible products and services out there. 

Here is how you can apply:

  • Website application 
  • Email careers@humtap.com
  • LinkedIn and job boards 
  • CV is optional. Just let us know about you :)

Questions? Use the contact form at the bottom of our website or contact our representatives :wave::skin-tone-3:

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