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Jobs fill your pockets, and adventures fill your soul. Our adventure started 2 years ago, here in Cracow. As a team, we’re incredibly proud of our achievements, including participating in shaping the age of the new Web3, where interactions are more real. We're taking things even further by designing ML-powered solutions that empower everyone to be a creator.


At Humtap, you’ll find sharp-minded individuals that show how logic and creativity work together. Our team of scientists and developers take pride in owning tasks and projects, as we’re always focused on transforming our vision into the best possible experience for our users.

We embrace a diverse global company culture, fostering creativity and ideas.


Growing within our international team means choosing your path and learning every day. We work with the newest technologies, and the best tools money can buy. You can always expect full support & mentorship from the senior team members. Dedication, curiosity, and exceptional performances are consistently recognized and rewarded.

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Applied? Here's what should happen next!

We strive to provide a consistent recruitment process for every applicant. Below is an outline of what you can expect after your application has been reviewed.

Technical Evaluation

A conversation about your strengths and skills, followed by the technical interview with a senior member of our team.

Culture Interview

Apart from your work story, we would love to learn about you as an individual! Think of this step as a relaxed, yet interesting conversation.

Offer letter

You received an offer letter? That’s a good sign! It means we would be very happy to have you on our team.


Mobile Live Streaming

It’s time to show the world a reshaped concept of social media, where real-time content creation is collaborative and accessible. Browse through live rooms, jump in and start co-creating with hundreds of room participants, or become a host and start your own room. Request to co-stream with a room’s host and use live voice filters like auto tune.

Real-time Content Creation

Create content in real-time as you’re streaming to your audiences! In Humtap Live you can record, curate, and broadcast Clips. These short pieces of micro-entertainment can be either video, music, or audio. Entertain your audiences with a never-ending stream of bite-sized entertainment!

Immersive Experience

Everyone has access to powerful live content creation tools, not just room hosts. Hop into a room and start creating Clips right away - Turn your voice into an instrument, transform audio recordings into new sounds, and record videos with music reactive filters. Submit your creations to the host and watch them be broadcasted to the entire room.

Built for Web3

Monetize your creativity and effortlessly mint your Clips. That’s right, every Clip you create in Humtap live can be effortlessly turned into an NFT! You can create, sell, trade & collect NFT Clips, and even display your external NFTs in live rooms while you’re hosting a room. This opens the doors to an entirely new creator economy.


We have developed proprietary cross-platform libraries for real-time music, audio & video creation, built-in C++, and Rust. On top of that, we have created a plethora of in-house A.I. editing tools, which can run on-device via our libraries or be implemented natively for when performance counts.

Our developers work on the latest Mac devices, and we are proud supporters of team PyTorch for machine learning development.

Apple Ecosystem



Machine Learning

Properietary Libraries


The best part of my work is learning. I can learn something new every single day and apply it to what I’m working on, and to me, this is a blessing.

Senior Audio Engineer

We’re all about taking ownership and making a change. Everyone can participate in product and strategy brainstorming sessions. I can’t imagine a better place to develop your professional career. It’s a great place for someone who wants to be deeply involved in the company and have a lot of ownership over their tasks.

Business Analyst

I love the people at Humtap. We’ve built a team of honest, open-minded and caring individuals. If I can collaborate with them on a great product, this is the place for me.

Backend Lead

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Jakub Gałka

R&D Director

Nina Gevorgyan

Business Operations Analyst

Humtap Kraków Office

Our office is located in heart of Kraków, between Main Square and Kazimierz.

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